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Raising money is hard for small businesses

Raising money for a business is really hard; especially if you want to get the right type of funding for your business. It is also extremely time consuming and takes you away from what you do best— running your business!!

Over the past decade, we have originated over 70,000 loans. We have seen it all and know how to get you the money you need when you need it — even if you have weak credit, numerous open loans/advances, or are feeling too leveraged.

Look at the below examples of deals we recently funded. This is what we do!

Would you try to repair your roof if it got a leak? Doubtful. Go back to doing what you do best, and let us help you!


Amount Funded: $250,000

Deal Terms: 12 months

Industry: Equipment Manufacturer

Monthly Revenues: $250,000 (fluctuates between $50K - $500K per month)

Credit: 628

Time In Business: 9 years

Other Details: > 15 NSFs/month; 2 MCAs on payment plans.


Amount Funded: $475,000

Deal Terms: 18 months

Industry: Child Care

Monthly Revenues: $300,000

Credit: High 500’s

Time In Business: 4 years

Other Details: > 10 NSFs/month, multiple unresolved personal judgements, 3 open cash advances; restricted industry for most MCA lenders.

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