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Busy seasons are approaching

As summer and fall wind down and many of you approach one of your busier seasons, you will likely need some working capital to buy more inventory, deal with cash flow concerns that resulted from a slow summer season, do some renovations, or simply just grow your business.

If you need financing, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Since 2005, my team and I have provided approximately $2 Billion to over 75,000 business owners. Whether you have great credit with assets to pledge or challenged credit and are in search of an unsecured loan, we have seen and done it all. The good news is that there are more alternatives than ever before. The lending market is quite competitive and lenders are getting really aggressive.

Let’s get your business funded!

Below are a few examples of deals we funded this past week.


Amount Funded: $350,000

Deal Terms: 7 months

Industry: Waste recycling

Monthly Revenues: $800,000

Credit: Low 600’s

Time In Business: 12 years

Other Details: Business had 3 open advances totaling approximately $500,000. Proceeds were used to pay off one of the advances and fund further growth.


Amount Funded: $51,000

Deal Terms: 6 months

payments Weekly

Industry: healthcare

Monthly Revenues: ~$60,000

Credit: mid 500’s

Time In Business: 4 years

Other Details: Only 4 deposits per month (from insurance companies), multiple open positions, > $75,000 in tax liens, numerous “negative days,” and 24 hour turn around time from application to funding!

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